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A joint venture between Singapore Petroleum Company Limited and Chevron Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the Singapore Refining Company Private Limited (SRC). SRC, which is based on Jurong Island, Singapore's petrochemical center, runs a refinery with the capacity to process 290,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The refinery creates fuel products and chemical feedstocks, which are then sold on the domestic market and exported to other countries under the brand names of its shareholders.

Organisation Structure

The following are key functional areas required to run and support the business:

Corporate Culture

Teamwork and esprit de corps are equally important principles in SRC’s pursuit of success, even while it requires the greatest degree of performance and personal dedication from each employee. The company’s primary operating principle is safety.

The SRC worker behaves in accordance with the following guidelines.

Business Conduct and Ethics Code

We have a Business Conduct and Ethics Code (the “Code”) that outlines the standards by which we can conduct our business affairs honestly, ethically, and with respect for one another.

SRC is firmly committed to following the greatest standards of morality and ethics in all of its dealings with customers, shareholders, vendors, contractors, the general public, and regulatory bodies. At the same time, SRC expects all of our business partners to uphold, follow, and respect the Code.

We think that the long-term success of SRC’s business depends on relationships formed on mutual benefit and trust. In all of its commercial dealings, the Company is dedicated to maximizing gains for all parties. SRC aims to maintain a long-lasting partnership with its business partners based on high performance standards, keeping its word, openness, and flexibility, as well as learning from others, mutual understanding and interdependence, and sharing success.

SRC will not put up with any behavior that compromises the Code or violates the law in order to obtain goals or results. Through the channels outlined in our Whistle Blowing Policy, known or potential infractions or concerns can be reported.

To download a copy of the Code, click below.

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