Performance in the areas of health, safety, the environment, and quality (HSEQ) is essential to our company’s success.

We are dedicated to achieving our objectives of zero accidents, zero injury to people, zero deterioration of the environment, and complete client pleasure. The protection of the health and safety of the general public, employees, and contractors is our top priority. To this aim, we work to maintain the security of our facilities and property as well as to lessen the environmental impact of our refinery activities. In order to meet the needs of our clients, we also work to improve the quality of our goods and services.


Integrity is the most crucial attribute to us.

We are dedicated to conducting business ethically and making sure that all of our agents and staff uphold the highest standards. In accordance with the law, we will handle all of our business dealings in an open and honest manner. We make a commitment to uphold people’s rights and appreciate their inherent worth, regardless of their social or cultural background.


Everyone who works for SRC makes a difference in our success and in building a unique business.

We are dedicated to establishing an environment at work that is fulfilling and stimulating, guided by trust and cooperation, and where each employee is accountable for the success and reputation of the business. Through a rewarding remuneration structure that is both competitive and performance-based, we want to inspire our staff to give their all. Through training and development activities, as well as an honest and helpful performance assessment procedure, we will support them in developing their competencies and capacities at the same time. We also try to make it easier for our staff members to manage their personal priorities so they may strike a healthy work-life balance.


Long-term partnerships built on mutual respect and benefit are essential to SRC’s commercial success.

In order for others to constantly prefer doing business with SRC, we are committed to establishing mutually beneficial connections in all of them. Our strategy is to maximize gains for all parties with whom we conduct business as well as for ourselves. We want to create a connection with these parties that is built on openness, flexibility, learning from others, interdependence, sharing success, and high performance standards. We also want to encourage understanding between ourselves and these parties.


A highly successful business unit needs reliable risk management techniques and good control procedures.

SRC is dedicated to upholding a trustworthy, useful, and effective system of internal controls in the pursuit of our corporate goals. We commit to identifying, mitigating, and managing risks to acceptable levels at the operating, functional, and entity levels while also ensuring proper corporate governance.

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