HSEQ Programs

Environment Protection
Safety & Loss Prevention
Process Safety


We make major investments in pollution and emission control, energy conservation, and waste reduction. The two-pronged strategy used by SRC to improve its environmental performance is based on using established technology and implementing best practices.

  • 6,000 cubic meters of effluent water can be processed daily at the SRC Effluent Treatment Plant to meet discharge limit criteria.
  • 2,500 cubic meters of Newater are produced each day by SRC’s integrated Effluent Treatment Recycling Plant, significantly lowering SRC’s Water Footprint.
  • Natural gas is used in SRC’s Cogen plant, which significantly lowers the amount of sulfur dioxide, greenhouse gases, and particulates it emits into the sky.

A testament to SRC’s commitment to implementing environmentally appropriate programs and practices for the refinery’s operations is its achievement of the ISO14001 Environmental Management System accreditation.

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